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Boost your trading with 50,000$ Margin Bonus!

Trive Gold Rush

Every Lot
Turns to

Trade currencies, gold, silver,
and oil to
unwrap your gold gift

Promotion period

May 15th, 2024 - August 15th, 2024

The Golden Campaign of the Year!

Gold Rush

No minimum deposit required to
join the campaign.

Gold Rush

We will wrap your gift
worth up to 30 grams of gold.

Gold Rush

You can choose to
receive your reward in cash.

How to earn Gold Rush reward

Deposit and increase your trading power during the promotion period.
Trade currencies, Gold, Silver, WTI, and BRENT.
Reach the deposit/volume milestones to unlock a larger gift.
Gold Rush

Discover the gold rewards offered to you

Net Deposit Trading Volume Reward Cash Equivalent
5,000 200 Gold 2g $200
10,000 400 Gold 4g $400
15,000 600 Gold 6g $600
20,000 800 Gold 8g $800
25,000 1000 Gold 10g $1000
30,000 1200 Gold 12g $1200
50,000 1500 Gold 15g $1500
100,000 2000 Gold 20g $2000
150,000 2500 Gold 25g $2500
200,000 3000 Gold 30g $3000

How you can join the Gold Rush


Apply on our website, by contacting your account manager, or by reaching out to the customer support.

Trade and Earn

Start trading during the promotion period and increase your net deposit and trading volume levels.

Claim Your Reward

Decide on your preferred option for receiving your gift, whether it is in the form of gold or cash, and enjoy your reward.


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50,000$ cash margin bonus

$50,000 cash
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