Trive | PAMM

Percent Allocation Management Module

PAMM is our smart solution to ‘copy trading’ needs of our clients.


Trive’s PAMM service allows you to invest in proven strategies made by expert traders and take your share from the profit! For expert traders, the PAMM service means additional investment!

PAMM for masters

Set up a trading strategy and attract offers. Earn more from your successful trades. Set your own rules. Rank higher & get more followers! PAMM copies your trading strategy securely: Followers can’t access your strategy.

PAMM for follower

No time or experience for trading Forex? Let the experts do it for you! See a list of offers by Masters and select one based on the risk, fees and expected profit. Invest or withdraw your money anytime: Masters can’t access your investment.

Real time data

Constant updates for Followers to observe their investment

Advanced analysis

Top tools & charts for Master to improve trade performance

Mutual safety

Followers can’t access strategies; Masters can’t access investment

No hassle

No trading experience needed to open a Follower account

How to become

A Master?

A Follower?

Go to Trive and select PAMM


Go to

Click open a PAMM account


Click open a PAMM account

Create a Master offer


Select an offer to invest

PAMM is our smart solution
to ‘copy trading’ needs of our clients.