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PAMM: Your Gateway to Expert-Driven Trading

How It Works

Trive PAMM Service is an investment solution that enables traders of all levels to collaborate and take advantage of market opportunities. Our service empowers you to trade alongside experienced money managers (Masters) with verified track records. You can choose a Master whose investing strategy aligns with your goals. If you join us as a Master, you can attract followers who invest in your trading expertise and monetize your strategies with performance fees.


Key Advantages

PAMM for masters

By showcasing your expertise, you can attract capital from Followers seeking gains. Customizing multiple offers for varied Follower profiles is at your disposal. As you receive your profit share from successful trades, performance fees will also be automatically added to your earnings. Your formulas will be disguised to prevent the strategies from being replicated.

PAMM for followers

You can tap into the expertise of seasoned traders with a proven track record and avoid the hassle of handling complex orders on your own. With a complete set of assessment tools, you can easily select Masters based on their performance ratings. It is also a convenient way to diversify your portfolio with a variety of trading strategies and asset classes, all while ensuring that you can monitor profits and fees transparently.

Benefits of Trive PAMM



Suitable for investors without extensive expertise and even newbies.



Followers receive their share of profits from successful trades, while Masters also earn performance fees.



Easy to keep a clear and open view of your profits and fees.


Time Efficient

Investors save time by avoiding the complexity of managing trading orders.



Enables Followers to select Masters that match their risk tolerance and revenue expectations.

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