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Boost Your Trading Experience

Let Trading Central’s top-rated analytics tool guide your trading experience. Get precise trading signals and expert analysis to help you keep ahead!

Advanced analysis

Technical views and in-depth analysis of financial markets from experienced analysts.

Top trading picks

Selected trading opportunities suggested by qualified analysts.


Real-time financial news and market updates for well-informed trading decisions.

Economic calendar

Market moving events to plan trades and stay ahead.

Technical views to elevate your trading

Trading Central’s technical views provide traders with reliable, actionable, and timely information that enhances trading decisions, improves ability to manage risk, and increases potential for profitability.

Stay ahead of the market with Alpha Generation

Alpha Generation Indicators Pack is designed to seamlessly integrate with the platform, providing you with advanced tools to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities. These indicators utilize a proprietary 'Patent Recognition Technology' that operates on sophisticated trade algorithms. These algorithms are continually refined to ensure high performance and accuracy.

With the user-friendly integration and indicators provided by Alpha Generation, identifying potential trading opportunities for traders becomes significantly easier. This leads to better informed decisions and improved trading outcomes. The trade algorithms used in these indicators are constantly refined and updated. This ongoing enhancement ensures that the tools remain effective and relevant, adapting to changing market conditions and maintaining high performance.

Real-time trading edge: Market Buzz and Crowd Insight

Market Buzz and Crowd Insight tools empower traders with a potent combination of market intelligence and sentiment analysis, facilitating well-informed trading decisions. Market Buzz aggregates and analyzes financial news, social media posts, and other online content, ensuring traders stay updated on the latest developments and trends. Meanwhile, Crowd Insight evaluates the sentiment of this data, indicating whether market sentiment is positive, negative, or neutral. Together, these tools provide real-time updates, highlight emerging opportunities, and offer a diverse perspective on the market, enhancing decision-making, identifying potential trends, and improving risk management through a user-friendly interface.

How to maximize your trading potential

Trading Central is accessible to all Trive customers with a live account, offering valuable insights and analysis. Simply log in to your Secure Cilent Area and click the analysis tab. From there, you can seamlessly log in to view the latest market feed, expert analysis, and cutting-edge research tailored to your needs. Additionally, TC Alpha Generation Indicators are available for download as a plugin, enabling installation directly onto your MetaTrader platform for enhanced trading capabilities.

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