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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with Trive Financial Services Malta Ltd. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Pricing: Transparent
Low or no fees

Don’t let commissions drain your money away, you’re here to invest, not to calculate. As your investment partner, Trive, charges the minimum fees possible for your seamless investment journey. Being transparent & simple are our key values when it comes to meeting our clients’ needs. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Funding and withdrawal methods​

It's simple to manage your funds with us. You’ll get access to your secure client area, where you can access all your funding and withdrawal needs safely, and securely. See details.​

We have four different deposit and withdrawal methods available:​
Payment method​ Cost Deposits Withdrawals​
Bank transfer Free Same day to 3 working days​ 1-3 working days​
Visa debit/credit card​ 1.5%​ Immediate 1-3 working days​
Mastercard debit/credit card​ 1.5%​ Immediate 1-3 working days​
E-wallet​ 1.5%​ Immediate 1-3 working days​

Discover our range of funding options in your secure client area when you open a live account with us.

Bank Transfer Fees​

We want you to be successful with your trading. Therefore, we do not charge any additional fees on deposits or withdrawals. Please note that you may incur transfer fees charged by your bank.​

Other Information​

  • Third-Party Payments

    We cannot accept payments from third parties. Please ensure that all deposits into your trading account come from a bank account in your name.

  • Withdrawals to third parties​

    We can only return funds to a bank account, e-wallet account, or debit/credit card in the same name due to third-party transaction regulations.​

  • Bank holidays

    In unforeseen circumstances, such as bank holidays, please note that withdrawal times may be longer.

  • Maintenance fee

    A monthly maintenance fee of €10 will start to be applied after an account has been inactive for 6 months.

Commission 0 0
Handling Fee 0 0
Custody Fee 0 N/A
Clearing Fee 0 0
Other Fees
Account Management No Fees
Deposits Zero fee for bank transfers
A transaction fee of 1.5% will be applied to deposits via other methods due to operational costs.
Withdrawals 0.5%
Depending on the withdrawal amount, this fee will be at least €10 and capped at €50.
Currency Conversion 0.9%
Portfolio Transfer Inbound €0 / Outbound €100
Real Time Data No Fees
Maintenance Fee No Fees
A monthly maintenance fee of €10 will start to be applied after an account has been inactive for 6 months.

*Learn more about our range of funding options and pricing details.

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