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Discover the exciting opportunities of Forex markets with competitive prices on Trive. Enjoy deep liquidity, fast orders, and expert customer service with a truly global broker. Trade over 40 FX pairs with Trive to join the millions of Forex traders worldwide.

When trading currencies, you speculate on the price. You open either a long (buy) or short (sell) position, assuming the currency’s value will either go up or down. As millions of other Forex traders open positions just like you, the price is set as a collective result of everyone’s positions.

Think of it as a ‘tug of war’ where millions of traders are holding a rope. One side is buying, the other is selling. When a trader opens a position, they grab one end of the rope. When happy with the current price, they close the position and thus ‘let go’ off the rope.

Without an official regulator or state involved, this is pretty much how the pricing is determined. But not everyone has the same amount of investment. Larger investments will definitely impact the direction and the pricing of markets slightly more than small investments. Still, the market is so deep that even the largest players can never shape or corner it.

To access Forex markets, Trive offers Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms. These platforms inherently contain analysis charts to predict market sentiments and to improve your overall trading experience. We also have tools and forex signals to analyse the markets and price actions more efficiently. We recommend that new Forex traders review our free trading materials to learn how to read charts before starting their currency trading journey.

Yes, Forex trading is risky as the markets are volatile and require close monitoring. With sharp price movements, you might lose the margin necessary to keep a position open. This means you can lose your investment quickly. Trive offers stop loss mechanism and regularly warns clients to protect them against such erratic movements.

If you don’t have enough experience or free time for forex trading, consider copying working strategies or joining our social trading program to invest.

Would you like to know more about how to start trading forex? Consider our Education pages and explainer Videos to start trading.

Brokers offer ‘margin trading’, providing leverage for clients. This means Forex traders can take larger positions than their actual investments in the market. Unlike traditional investment methods, you can profit even if the asset (in this case, FX pair) actually decreases in value.

Forex is the currency exchange market. Forex trading means trading CFDs for a currency pair such as Euro and U.S. Dollar - EURUSD for short. The prices are quoted against one currency to another. Traders invest and open a position in the market, speculating on how this price will change over time. If the price of EURUSD changes according to your prediction, you profit.

Forex is short for Foreign Exchange market. Also known as FX or currency trading., it describes the currency exchange market. Buying and selling positions for agreed prices is the basis of the forex market. It is a decentralized and digital network of banks, brokers and traders, exchanging more than $5 trillion a day.

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You can trade CFDs on popular indices such as the Dow Jones Index in the U.S., GER40 in Germany, and many more. Whether taking a long or short position in the market, there's always opportunity to profit from any price movement.

Indices contain various shares and bonds, usually from the same country or the same region. Each set has a calculated index value, dominated by major companies in the group. Spotting these “locomotives” can give a sense of direction for the rest of the group. The more a company is worth, the more its share price will affect the index as a whole.

You can trade indices with Trive easily. Sign up for a free account and start trading top selections worldwide. You can immediately begin to trade shares of major companies worldwide, wherever you are. Don’t have enough experience or free time for trading indices? Consider copying working strategies from successful traders or joining our social trading program to invest instead.

Indices are groups of securities for top companies’ shares bundled together for convenience. Traders don’t own the shares, they trade CFDs on these baskets such as Dow Jones Index in U.S or DAX30 in Germany. You can either take a long or a short position in the market when trading indices. Shares of the largest companies in the bundle usually have the largest impact on the prplaice as well.

Traders who analyze a specific industry or a market segment may find indices useful as the index values may give indications in comparison to other industries. This may be helpful for better understanding the overall trends in the markets. Indices also have the advantage of adding diversity to your portfolio and managing your risk effectively.

Trade shares of top companies


Share trading allows easy access to the stocks of large companies in the form of CFDs. You get to profit from changes in the stock’s value while you are shielded from negative outcomes such as bankruptcy.

Shares (also called Equities or Stocks) are a percentage of a company’s ownership. When a company is successful, their shares gain value. Otherwise, investors lose money. But ‘trading shares’ is different: you can take either a long or a short position in the market. This means you can profit even if the company shares are losing value.

Trading CFDs on company shares allows you to open and close a position any time. This lets you react to the changes of a stock’s value instantly. When you purchase the ownership of a company’s shares, you expect it to raise in value and profit. This may not always be the case.

Assume that you are expecting a company’s shares to decline in value for some reason. But you don’t own those assets. This means your insight is wasted. With trading CFDs on shares, you could use your insight and knowledge about stocks markets even when the price of a stock is falling.

Top commodities, Top conditions


Expand your trading portfolio and manage your investment risks more effectively with asset trading on Trive. Trade CFDs on hard or soft commodity prices for exciting opportunities.

The prices are subject to international economic and political events. Countries producing these raw materials and goods obviously have a larger impact on the prices. However, like any other asset, the main factor is supply & demand relation. As the assets are paired against it, the price of the U.S. Dollar also plays a huge role in the commodities market. The weather conditions and seasonal changes may impact the prices as well.

To start trading commodities with Trive, all you need is to sign up for a free trading account. You will get instant access to top commodity markets worldwide and begin to trade immediately, wherever you are. You get a wide selection of products to trade as spots or futures. Don’t have enough experience or free time to trade commodities? Consider copying working strategies from top traders or joining our social trading program instead.

Commodities are trading assets grouped under three categories: energy, metal and agricultural. Instead of physically buying these assets, you can profit by trading CFDs on their prices. Agricultural products such as coffee, wheat and sugar are called ‘soft commodities’ whereas gold, silver and oil are considered hard commodities.

CFD markets, especially Forex, can be quite volatile with charts full of twists, turns and zigzags. On the other hand, commodity prices tend to keep trends for longer periods. With careful analysis and practice, traders can start profiting with commodities regularly. Forex traders will find commodities as an effective means to diversify their portfolio. Also, you don’t purchase commodities physically, you simply speculate on their prices. As a result, you are shielded from unforeseen complications in the market such as logistics of commodities.

Cryptocurrency: No wallet, no hassle


Tap into the rapidly shifting markets of cryptos and enjoy the benefits of high volatility and deep liquidity with Trive.

Starting to trade cryptocurrencies with Trive is easy. All you need is to sign up for a free account here. You will get instant access to top markets worldwide with best products. You can check the current list of cryptocurrencies offered by Trive on our Market Information Sheets.

Not enough experience or free time to trade? Consider copying working strategies from top traders worldwide or joining our social trading program to kick-off your trading journey.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital payment technologies that have gained popularity in the past decade. Though the trend started with Bitcoin, dozens of alternatives are available nowadays. They are recorded in digital registers called blockchains. When a user sends cryptocurrency to another, they send it to a digital wallet. The currency can be used as is or cashed out at the market price. All transactions are verified via a process called mining.

The number of available coins and their release rate largely influences the price (supply & demand). So, the prices react to how valuable people think the currency is - the market sentiment.

When the prices rise/fall sharply, the media coverage amplifies. Investors perceive the crypto as a lucrative instrument and thus, it becomes more popular. Economic events and regulatory updates also play key roles, just like other markets.

Asset ownership has only one investment goal: buy it when it’s cheap, sell it when it’s expensive. However, cryptocurrencies show volatile price movements, posing risk for investors. Trading CFDs for cryptocurrencies removes that restriction. You can either go long or short with your position. This means you can profit even if the price of a crypto falls!

Trading with Trive allows you instant access to top markets worldwide, saving you the hassle of setting up a digital wallet and paying fees for the service.