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BTCUSD Bitcoin vs US Dollar SPOT 218.9 0.01 20% 5 to 1 0.01 Lot 10 Lots 1 Lot = 1 BTC x market price USD Monday 00:05 - Friday 23:55
ETHUSD Ethereum vs US Dollar SPOT 56.7 0.01 30% 3 to 1 0.01 Lot 10 Lots 1 Lot = 1 ETH x market price USD Monday 00:05 - Friday 23:55
LTCUSD Litecoin vs US Dollar SPOT 24.9 0.01 50% 2 to 1 0.01 Lot 10 Lots 1 Lot = 1 LTC x market price USD Monday 00:05 - Friday 23:55

*SPOT = cash market // FUTURES = contract expiry

** These spreads are our typical spreads, and may be wider, especially overnight.

*** Contract will expire on settlement day of the individual product and will not roll automatically at the end of the trading period.

Clients must open a new position manually on the next month's contract if they would like to continue trading the individual market

The information given in this document is correct at the time of publication. We reserve the right to change its contents at any time. For up to date information on current spreads or margins please refer to the trading platform or call the Support desk. Please be aware that spreads may be subject to change due to market conditions, which may affect your margin requirements

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Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital payment technologies that have gained popularity in the past decade. Though the trend started with Bitcoin, dozens of alternatives are available nowadays. They are recorded in digital registers called blockchains. When a user sends cryptocurrency to another, they send it to a digital wallet. The currency can be used as-is or cashed out at the market price. A process called mining verifies all transactions.

Starting to trade cryptocurrencies with Trive is easy. All you need to do is sign up for a free account here. You will get instant access to top markets worldwide with the best products. You can check the current list of cryptocurrencies offered by Trive on our Market Information Sheets.

If you lack experience or free time to trade, consider copying working strategies from top traders worldwide or joining our social trading program to kick off your trading journey.

The number of available coins and their release rate largely influence the price (supply and demand). So, the prices react to how valuable people think the currency is—the market sentiment.

When prices rise or fall sharply, the media coverage amplifies. Investors perceive crypto as a lucrative instrument, and thus, it has become more popular. Economic events and regulatory updates also play vital roles, just like in other markets.

Asset ownership has only one investment goal: buy it when it's cheap and sell it when it's expensive. However, cryptocurrencies show volatile price movements, posing risks for investors. Trading CFDs for cryptocurrencies removes that restriction. You can either go long or short with your position. It means you can profit even if the price of a crypto falls!

Trading with Trive allows instant access to top markets worldwide, saving you the hassle of setting up a digital wallet and paying fees for the service.

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